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Industrial installations

Industrial installations are complex technological systems made out of stainless or acid-proof steel to be utilized in pharmaceutical and food processing-oriented branches of industry. The Instal Chojnice Company has been realizing such projects in an efficient manner mainly thanks to the employment of skilled professionals and valuable experiences acquired throughout 13 years of operation.

Sewage plants

Sewage plants may be defined as sets of devices and technological objects used to remove contamination from wastewater. Sewage plants are further subdivided into biological and chemical ones. In order to remove contamination, such devices as flat bars, mechanical grates, rotating sieves, sweepers, and aeration systems are utilized.
The Instal Chojnice Company offers assembly and maintenance-oriented undertakings of such components.

Water treatment plants

Our company is also capable of building water treatment plants to be utilized to treat unconfined groundwater.
Treated groundwater is delivered to recipients via water and sewage system. The remaining rinsing water is transferred to a sanitary sewerage or directly to soil.
According to the requirements of the ordering party, the water treatment plant may be equipped with:

  • Pressure filters (gel and manganese removers)
  • Aerators
  • Compressors
  • Compressed air containers
  • Hydrophores
  • Storage reservoirs
  • First and second grade pumps
  • Rinsing water containers

Sewage pumping station modernization

Sewage pumping station modernization is based mainly on the replacement of worn out, damaged (by excessive exposure to sand or chemical substances), and corroded elements of the system, such as:

  • Press pipelines
  • Pumps with mounting pedestals
  • Pump guides
  • Return and stoppage fittings
  • Sewage pumping station ventilation system
  • Operational platforms
  • Ladders
  • Pump lifting cranes
  • Sewage pumping station hatches

Modernization is executed basing on the prior performed site inspection and requirements specified by the ordering party. Corrosion-proof and durable stainless steel is mainly used for maintenance and modernization-related purposes.

Sewage pumping stations with valve houses

Sewage pumping station is a comprehensive container and pump-based object being a part of the pressure sewage treatment system. Such stations are frequently utilized to transfer sanitary, municipal, and drainage wastewater on significant distances or to higher altitudes. Pump-based sewage pumping stations are taken advantage of in gravity pressing systems, where wastewater from one or more households is transported by a network of pipes directly to the container of the station. Then, it is transferred to a collecting well or directly to a water treatment plant. Sewage pumping stations may also be incorporated as integral parts of such plants.

Przepompownie ścieków z komorą zasuw.

Sewage pumping station is a comprehensive object equipped with hydraulic fittings and installation, as well as with electric automatized control module. The object in question is delivered at the site as an integral whole. A sewage pumping station incorporates sewage container, electric and hydraulic systems. Submersible pumps are installed inside the said container. Hydraulic parameters of the pumps, as well as instructions concerning effective operation are provided in the manual.

Welding and locksmithing, sheet metal cutting and forming, pump servicing, carbon filters

Catalysis-activated carbon filter

Active (activated) carbon – Activated carbon absorbs hazardous gases, such as ozone, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen sulfide compounds. It also removes unpleasant smells of certain substances.
The material in question is characteristic due to its significant size-mass ratio (500÷2500 2/). Therefore, it is an astonishing chemical substances absorbent.
Remarkable surface of active carbon is the result of development of rough outer layer, being a remnant of the initial organic material created after heating carbon in a high temperature and limited air input conditions. The importance of activated carbon in various branches of industry is also connected with the fact that the said substance is non-toxic (even after its digestion), cost-effective (it may be produced out of wood or organic leftovers like olive pits), and can be easily reprocessed after exploitation (by burning). Heavy metals absorbed by the carbon may be easily collected from ashes of the prior burned substance.

Balustrades, ramps, stainless steel roofs

Our company is capable of designing and creating various types of balustrades, such as balcony or terrace ones. Just as high quality stairs, balustrades are made in compliance with the requirements provided by the client. The customer’s needs are taken into account starting from the designing stage, through project execution, up to the assembly phase.
Ramps for wheelchairs are created in compliance with the current norms and regulations. They are also combined with proper balustrades adjusted in such a way to serve specific purposes and facilitate entering and exiting objects to which the ramps have been attached.
Our professionals are also capable of building working stoops on sloping roofs and various objects.
All the performed works are executed in compliance with the current norms and safety requirements.
Measurements and projects are performed while taking into account all the details agreed upon with investors up to the project accomplishment phase.

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